I made this blog because I wanted to use the anomity here that is not available with facebook. I don’t really plan on saying anything that I feel is too terribly important, though I guess important enough to actually create this and feature my thoughts and share things with the world. My username sort of goes both ways I think, in one way I want to share things that arouse your interests while at the same time these things are arousing mine too. Lame, I know.

I’m a pretty average American living in an American large town/small city. Working a part-time job a little over minimum wage, working occasionally in the community, getting involved with the things I care about. Being concerned and involved is the one thing that sets me about from many other Americans, hah. For instance, this Saturday there is a Rally in DC to protest the profit-making wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, being put on by the ANSWER Coalition. Some folks have issues with ANSWER, racist statements rising up sometimes against Israel and their citizens… but nothing in this world is ever perfect, though I do agree on the basic idea that Palestinians ought to have their own place to call home without everything being demolished. I hope the protest has a good showing, I think the world needs to see these wars and illegal occupations end immediately, and if we keep bullshittin’ and not doing anything, nothing is ever gonna change.

Well I think that’s all for right now. I am cooking up some cabbage and corned beef for me and my lady for ole Saint Patrick’s Day… one of the many ‘holidays’ I don’t understand unless I look at it from the businessperson’s perspective (money money money for me me me!)